Marine sustainability

By working with Equator, you can achieve significant financial savings through using our products, services and expertise.


We have a complete range of marine lubricants, from mineral to synthetic lubricants, as well as technical services to support green shipping initiatives. Our aim is to help you to:

     • Reduce disposal of waste

     • Prolong equipment life

     • Extend oil interval

     • Reduce equipment maintenance cost and replacement.

Mobilgard™ M50 extra-high-performance, premium 50 TBN marine engine oil is designed for use in the most severe residual-fuelled, medium-speed diesel applications found in marine and stationary ...
Mobilgard™ 12 Series high-performance diesel oils are designed for use in marine trunk piston engines operating on low sulphur distillate fuels. The oils are compatible with ExxonMobil Premium ECA ...
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