Wärtsilä engines

ExxonMobil provides a full range of marine fuels and marine lubricants suitable for low speed Wärtsilä engines, a portfolio of Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd (WinGD). This includes cylinder lubricants and system lubricants suitable for low speed two-stroke engines such as low-speed dual fuel Wärtsilä engines, low-speed RT-flex Wärtsilä engines, and low-speed generation X Wärtsilä engines.

In the chart below, use your engine type and operating conditions to view our recommendations for the right Cylinder Lubricant Oil (CLO) for your engine.

Recommended Cylinder Lubricant Oil for Wärtsilä

Engine type
Wärtsilä slow speed
Engine design
Older engines
RTA / RT Flex & WX
Wärtsilä engines, existing and new:
  • Drain oil analysis is recommended to determine engine wear condition
  • Start with Mobilgard 570 and monitor scrape down oil, follow feed rate guidelines as per Wärtsilä service letter RT138
  • Adjust oil feed rate to maintain scrapedown oil BN above 20-25 mg/KOH/kg. Total iron content should be below 250 ppm
  • In addition, monitor chromium level trend as this is indicative of corrosive wear level
  • Wärtsilä will allow Mobilgard 525 up to 0.5%S for 48 hours and Mobilgard 570 down to 1.0%S for 48 hours
  • * For loads above 60% follow OEM recommendations for base feed rates, for loads below 60% follow OEM guidelines for sulphur dependent feed rate

The information contained in this chart is subject to review due to changing technology and regulatory requirements. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, ExxonMobil Marine Fuels & Lubricants and/or its affiliates, shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage caused by errors, omissions, misprints, or misinterpretation of the contents contained in this chart.

The technical information and recommendations are offered for recipient's considerations, investigation and verification, and relate only to the named product or materials when not in combination with any other product or material. The recipient is solely responsible for all determinations and due diligence regarding any use of material or product and any process in its relevant area. The information and recommendations are always subject to and does not prevail over, any recommendation from a motor/equipment/machinery builder. ExxonMobil Marine Fuels & Lubricants expressly disclaims any and all liability of direct, indirect or consequential nature for any loss, damage, or injury suffered or incurred, directly and indirectly, as to any results obtained or arising from any use of the product or material in reliance on this technical information and recommendations for such use.


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