[Announcement] ExxonMobil transfers International Marine MSLA laboratory service to Kansas City, USA

Wednesday, 28/07/2021, 14:32 GMT+7



Dear Valued Customer, 

ExxonMobil informed that they will transfer their International Marine Mobil Serv℠ Lubricants Analysis (MSLA) service from their facility in Pernis, Netherlands, to Kansas City, USA.

The Pernis MSLA laboratory will be closing before the end of 8-2021.

Used Lubricating oil samples that were sent to Pernis before 8-2021 will receive the same high level of service with minimal disruption. However, new orders for MSLA bottle kits will now contain Kansas City address labels.

You can be confident in receiving the same, high-quality and reliable service from Kansas City as you do currently from Pernis.

Please contact our technical service at techsales@equator.com.vn if you have any questions.

Your sincerely.

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