Marine Lubricant Authenticity Guide

Monday, 17/08/2020, 09:04 GMT+7


ExxonMobil takes pride in producing high quality lubricants to meet your lubrication needs. To safeguard your equipment against potential damage from counterfeits, it is important to ensure you are purchasing authentic Mobil products. Here are some ways you can perform a quick verification of the product authenticity:

For drum and pail lubricant products produced in Singapore

Over 90% of the lubricant products used in marine applications are produced in Singapore. The manufacturing source will be stated on the product label (Fig 1a).

All Singapore-manufactured products have a QR code and a number grid with metallic dots on the label for authenticity verification (Fig 1b).






Follow these 3 simple steps:


Step 1
Scan the QR code on the label with your phone to be directed to the Mobil Authenticity Verification website.












Step 2



Step 3



For lubricant products produced in other locations

Lubricant products that are manufactured in blend plants in other locations will not have the anti-counterfeit QR code.Depending on the Country of Origin, drums and pails might come in different shapes and sizes. However, they share common features which can be used for a quick verification.

Mobil Brand Logo

All Mobil product labels bear the trademarked Mobil brand logo.
The font, design and colour ofthe logo should be the same
as the example (Fig 5).


Drum Body Color

  • Mineral Oil: Red Oxide
  • Synthetic Oil: Silver

All drums are sealed with a drum cap with the Pegasus logo
(Fig 6).

Pail Body Color

  • Mineral Oil: Red Oxide/Black
  • Synthetic Oil: Silver

The pail lid may be of different colour from the body.

Some warning signs of a counterfeit product

  • The packaging has been resealed, reused or tampered with
  • Spelling mistakes on the packaging or the product labels







Reporting A Suspected Counterfeit Case

If you have any doubt on the authenticity of the lubricant you have purchased, or if you spot any sales of counterfeit products, please contact us at for further verification and investigation.

Kindly provide the following information:

  • Clear photos of suspected product (sides & top) and product label (close-up)
  • Product name and quantity (if purchased)
  • Invoice of purchase and supplier’s name card/ contact details
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